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          Using our breath to heal our whole being~

Welcome to your new reality!

I partner with people on their wellness journey inquiring into thought patterns, using Breath Play, Meditation, Yoga Asanas, Ayurvedic knowledge and CranioSacral Therapy to access our innate Wise Body and help shift old patterns into new, healthy, sustainable patterns.

Using these techniques we become more aware of our mind, body and spirit realising there is no separation between the mind, the body, the spirit.  This trinity is really the structure, the aspects which create our wholeness~ 

How we feel and what we think IS who we are and lays out the reality in which spirit plays, learns and grows~

You are here because you are ready to shift your current reality to one that will serve your higher calling, deepen your connection to yourself and live your dream~

I am a click away, let me support you shifting into your true self!


20 minutes complimentary Integrated Wellness Coaching~

Show me who you truly are.  I will share my skills, intuition and inquiry into self exploration, truth integration and living your dream reality!  Via Skype or telephone~

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Integrated Wellness Coaching

Together we embark on an inquisitive journey~

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"Thanks for the great sessions.  I am feeling calmer and more aware of myself and my choices and my options.  Nice."
Mary P.

round. cropped.ID-100163114 copy " While recuperating from a long illness and a stroke, I was getting regular massages from Jeannie which were very helpful.  In my recuperation process, I developed shingles on my torso which were very painful.  I called Jeannie to cancel a planned massage session because the thought of anyone touching my body seemed unbearable.  Jeannie suggested a craniosacral session. Although I was very sceptical, I accepted her suggestion.  During the treatment, I actually felt an immediate release of my intercostal muscles and a deep sense of relaxation so much so that I fell asleep on the table.  The relaxation effect stayed with me after the treatment and the pain of the shingles became bearable.  Jeannie really does have a magic touch!"

Ann Donahue

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"Jeannie is so present in our sessions together. As a result, she places not only her hands and arms but her spirit on just the right spot, always. I always leave a massage therapy session a more whole, more centered, more quiet person. Harmony and happiness combine!"

Elly Silverman


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"I really enjoy Jeannie's Yoga classes.  After listening to the specific needs of her participants, she initiates a wide variety of positions and movements to for us to practice.  She places emphasis on giving individual feedback using her gentle, pleasant voice.  The classes end with a 10 minute relaxation phase and a silent exit."

Denise, Salt Spring Island, BC

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"Thank you for your precious massage.  Anyone will be in excellent hands with your treatments. You offer professional care, and deeply nourishing massage. Your initial questions were astute, getting to the heart of the medical issues. Your oils and your touch are very healing. I heartily recommend your massage!"



round bird house.2014-07-15 11.56.35 copy"I have always thought of a massage as a temporary feel-good while its happening kind of experience with little if any long-term relief.  But Jeannie took it to the next level and actually relived a pain that was with me for weeks. She has an amazing ability to listen to me, and my body to find that perfect spot that needs it the most. Working with my breath and her wonderful hands she seemed to push the pain right out of the area and move it along until it was gone. She went on to work on my entire body and when she was done I felt so relaxed and good I almost forgot what I felt like before I came in.  A session with Jeannie is truly a wonderful experience, and I am now a believer that a great massage can be much more than a temporary feel-good."

Ben Van

Wise Body Healing

Integrates Wellness Coaching, Breath Play, Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, and CranioSacral Therapy  to support your journey into the healthiest, happiest YOU!

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