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Private Yoga Sessions for Couples

Private sessions for couples are a unique way to celebrate your relationship and cultivate joy, playfulness and connection with one another. 


Sessions include:

~Postures to assist one another in stretching more deeply than you could on your own.

~Breath and movement practices that will increase your feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, increasing your joy and connection.

~Acroyoga practices that encourage trust, playfulness and glee 

~Active listening and sharing of wants and needs to increase empathy and understanding.

~Thai massage techniques to offer one another physical comfort, care, and love.

~Practices to create increased space and flow of energy in and around the heart and lungs, allowing for feelings of spaciousness, openness and receptivity with one another.

Couples Yoga Therapy

Couples yoga therapy combines the couples yoga and bodywork with dialogue about your needs and challenges individually and as a couple.  Together, we create a space where you can safely share with one another, ask for what you want and need, and explore the ways physical connection impacts your emotional connection.  


We use yoga and bodywork as tools to explore the challenges you face individually and together.  This can be helpful for all kinds of issues that couples face, but in particular can be helpful for:   

~Greater physical and emotional intimacy.

~Improved communication, empathy and understanding as we practice active and reflective listening  

~Creating a sense of unification and teamwork, enhancing the embodied sense of the "2-person ecosystem" of a couple.

~Exploring different types of touch and what they convey: how do we convey love and care, connection or desire through our quality of touch? 

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