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Have you ever noticed that when you go to a yoga class , you come home feeling more relaxed and open, and in turn, connect with your partner differently?  This is because yoga both makes you feel better in your body and increases the feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, uplifting your mood and making you feel more loving and open.  When you practice yoga with your partner, not only will you experience all the benefits of practicing yoga on your own, but you will also cultivate playfulness, teamwork, and loving care for one another.   

Sessions include:

~Practices to create increased space and flow of energy in and around the heart and lungs, allowing for feelings of spaciousness, openness and receptivity with one another.

~Postures to assist one another in stretching more deeply than you could on your own.

~Acroyoga practices that encourage trust, playfulness and glee 

~Active listening and sharing of wants and needs to increase empathy and understanding.

~Thai massage techniques to offer one another physical comfort, care, and love.

Private Yoga Sessions for Couples


In couples yoga therapy, yoga and bodywork are used as tools to explore the challenges you face individually and together as a couple.  This can be helpful for all kinds of issues that couples face, but in particular can be helpful for couples seeking:

~Greater emotional intimacy.

~Exploring challenges in the relationship in an embodied/ somatic way as an alternative or compliment to traditional couple's therapy or coaching.

~Improved communication, empathy and understanding (we practice active listening, mirroring , and "imago" dialogue techniques.)

~A sense of unification and teamwork, enhancing the embodied sense of the "2-person ecosystem" of a couple.

~Learning how to have a "listening touch" that conveys love and care.

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