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The individual attention offered in a private yoga session is valuable for both novices and seasoned practicioners.

Some of the goals we might address in a private yoga session include:

* Develop a foundation in yoga in order to attend group classes or begin a home practice with confidence and safety.

* Learn to use yoga therapeutically for specific physical and mental health issues.

* Investigate intermediate and advanced practices including asana, pranayama and meditation.

* Receive hands on- assistance with exploring optimal alignment and the flow of energy (prana) through the energy channels (nadis).

* Practice partner yoga with a loved one

Rates (includes up to 3 students):

At the studio:

$150/60-min (&$15/ additional student

$175/ 75-mins (&$15/ additional student) 

$200/ 90-mins (&$15/ additional student)

*$10 discount when added on to a bodywork session.

At your location (up to 3 students, within 15 miles of GB.  Prices may vary for further locations):

$180/60-min (&$15/ additional student) 

$200/ 75-min (&$15/ additional student) 

$225/ 90-min (&$15/ additional student)

*$20 discount when added to a bodywork session

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