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Elemental Healing Bodywork

In yoga philosophy, our energy system is connected to 7 elements - earth, water, air, fire, ether, light and space.  According to the chakra system, each of these elements has important healing qualities and has an energy that correlates with a certain area of the body:

  • Earth - grounds and nourishes; resides in feet, legs and hips

  • Water - brings healing, movement and fluidity; resides in the hips

  • Fire - cleanses and renews; resides in the belly

  • Air - energizes, uplifts, and opens the heart; resides in the chest 

  • Ether - brings lightness and freedom of expression; resides in the throat

  • Light - brings focus & clarity; resides in the third eye

  • Space - expands consciousness, opening us to our interconnectedness; resides at the crown of the head


Each of the Elemental Healing sessions will work with a different set of elements and the correlated body areas and energies.  Read about them below.  If one speaks to your particular needs right now, you may choose to just do that session.  If all three would be beneficial, the sessions can be done as a series.  All sessions are 120 minutes. $235 for one or $650 for all 3 (to be completed within 6 weeks).


Earth/Water: Ground, Nourish, Heal

Invoking the qualities of earth and water this session will help you to slow down, ground and nourish yourself, and open up to the fluid, healing, creative vital life force within you. 


The session begins with clothes on, as you set your intention with a palo santo smoke ritual and a foot soak + scrub to open up the energy pathways in the feet.  You will then move your body through gentle Thai massage stretches to encourage fluidity, flexibility and flow of energy into the hips and legs.

You will then disrobe to transition into a nourishing, healing treatment on the table, incorporating slow, deep meditative, fluid massage, reflexology, hot towels and hot stones. A nourishing essential oils blend of vetivert, Myrrh, Patchouli, sandalwood will be used. 

The slow, rhythmic, grounding, and fluid qualities of earth and water are particularly healing for struggles with anxiety, spaciness, frequent illness, low back and hip pain, flexibility (physical or emotional), food and weight issues, and difficulty with sexual and emotional intimacy.


Fire/Air: Release, Cleanse & Renew

Invoking the qualities of fire and air, this session will help you to cleanse and release physically and emotionally/ energetically, and connect with greater sense of energy and freedom.   Fire's warming and cleansing qualities are balancing for fatigue, control issues, weight and digestive issues, and low self- esteem and stress.  Air's energizing qualities are healing for depression, loneliness, and opening to give and receive love.


This session begins with clothes on, as you set intention with a sage smudging ritual.  You will then move through Thai massage stretches to release the spine & open the heart, with the option of a therapeutic flying experience. You will then disrobe and move to the table for an Ayurveda- inspired hot oil massage focusing on the lymphatic and digestive systems, including an abdominal massage.

A cleansing & uplifting essential oils blend of Grapefruit, Lemon, Thyme, Geranium will be used.



Ether/ Light/ Space: Clarify, Expand, Awaken

Invoking the qualities of ether, light and space, this session will help you to clear your mind, experience greater clarity and focus, and expand your consciousness.   This session will be particularly beneficial for neck pain, headaches, communication difficulties, lack of clarity, obsessive thinking, depression, exhaustion, and feelings of aloneness.


This session begins with clothes on, as you set intention with a palo santo smoke ritual.  You will be guided through a breathing practice to clear the mind, and move through Thai massage stretches to release head and neck, with the option of a therapeutic flying experience.  You will then move to the table for combination of myofascial release, and energywork focusing on the head, neck and shoulders.  

A spirit lifting essential oils blend of sandalwood, mugwort and lavender will be used.  The session will be completed with a sound bath of Tibetan singing bowls & chimes.

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