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All Levels Acroyoga Classes

Play, connect stretch, and make new friends!

Did you know that yoga increases the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin- the feel good hormones that flood your brain when you feel love?  Just imagine what happens when your yoga is in connection with others as we do in acroyoga?!  


Whether you are single or coupled, acroyoga is a practice that is sure to open your heart and make you feel more loved and connected with others.  Combining yoga, acrobatics, and Thai Massage, acroyoga cultivates trust, play, connection, and joy.  

These all-levels classes will begin with a gentle vinyasa yoga practice to warm up and connect you with your own body. We will then dive into partner and acroyoga practices that cultivate balance, playfulness, focus, relaxation and collaboration.


The class will wrap up with a short Thai massage sequence.

JOHANNA WISE, LMT/ RYT is dedicated to helping people experience greater courage, joy, pleasure, and strength than they thought possible through the practice of acroyoga. Johanna is a certified AcroYoga teacher, a 500-hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher, and licensed massage therapist/ massage instructor.

No experience needed.

Upcoming Classes:

Dates remaining in the current series:

*Thursday February 15, 2024: 5:30-7pm

*Sunday February 18, 2024, 5:30-7:15pm

$35 Drop-in

Contact Johanna to register:


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