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Thai & Fly Acropeutics

Thai and Fly is a therapeutic modality that combines Thai yoga massage with "Therapeutic Flying," (a blend of Thai massage and partner/ acro yoga).

The session begins with therapeutic flying, which is much like a combination of being on an inversion table (that happens to be someone's feet), and being stretched and massaged all at once. The therapist lifts the receiver up onto the therapist's hands and feet and then proceeds to use yoga and Thai massage techniques to elongate the spine, muscles and fascia, free stuck energy, and bring about greater fluidity and range of motion. You can fly for as little as 5 minutes or as long as 25 minutes.

Following the therapeutic flying, you will return to the mat for Thai massage, a millennia-old, sacred form of bodywork, used to elongate the spine, decompress the body and relieve tension while balancing the mind, body and spirit. A gentle rhythmic, rocking motion is used as the body is stretched and pressure applied along energy lines.

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